Mónica O’Malley de Castillo

Executive Director

Mónica O’Malley de Castillo comes to us with a life-long drive to care for, entertain, and support her community.

A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Mónica’s career began as an actor-educator with the award-winning CLIMB Theater in the Twin Cities, MN before she co-founded and ran The TRUF, a NYC-based intergenerational theater company focused on sharing stories for children and adults with shared themes. After her home theater was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, she co-founded UWS LOVES, a community organization dedicated to serving those affected by the catastrophic storm.

Mónica moved to Silver Spring when she became a mom to two mini change-makers of her own, and has been working for the community ever since. A huge fan of Silver Spring Care’s mission, she was a proud volunteer of ours and is now thrilled to help lead the way on what’s to come.