8545 Piney Branch Rd Suite B
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Phone: 301-589-3633

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CHEER’s mission is to provide people in Takoma Park and Long Branch neighborhoods with the knowledge and ability to create healthy, thriving communities. CHEER facilitates a process of identifying community vision and goals, and for gathering the information and resources needed to measure and fulfill them. CHEER’s vision is to create safe and inclusive communities that produce equal opportunities for individual growth and fulfillment. These communities will value diversity, encourage personal social interactions, and offer a sense of common identity.

CHEER’s work focuses on the areas of health, housing, civic engagement, and youth development. Some of CHEER’s programs and activities include creating the Takoma Park Youth Collaborative which provides work readiness and entrepreneurship training for disadvantaged teens, providing community civic engagement and advocacy activities such as partnering with local tenant and neighborhood associations to hold candidate forums in communities of limited means, creating a civic engagement curriculum, creating CHEER Community Association to support renters and condo owners, and providing health programs for immigrants and residents in communities of limited means including Affordable Care Act enrollment, and breast health support.