Silver Spring Cares officially launched on Monday, June 26th with quite a shindig at Kaldis Social House!

“Surrounded by friends, supporters, community and nonprofit leaders, we couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate getting Silver Spring Cares onto its feet,” says Liz Brent, Founder.  The feedback has been terrific too. “Congrats! Already used the website – who knew A Wider Circle takes toys?!” said Ag Magdelena on the Silver Spring Cares Facebook page. And the buzz has been spreading:

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Silver Spring Regional eNewsletter

Stay tuned for more from A Parent in Silver Spring and Just Up the Pike and more.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg for Silver Spring Cares, who is “looking to add at least 15 more Silver Spring non-profits to our already robust list of participating organizations by the end of July” according to Heather Foley, Director. “Each connection we are able to make between an individual and a nonprofit means that our community becomes that much stronger. By eliminating the need to endlessly search for a passionate fit, that individual’s time can be spent volunteering or donating. That’s exciting!” she adds.

Silver Spring Cares is looking forward to expanding their program offerings in the coming months but for now, is focused on creating the best user experience possible on their site. They welcome feedback and encourage people to reach out with suggestions and comments. Email