We’re looking for a few good neighbors! Volunteer work is considered an “essential” job in our community and you can help!

Thanks to everyone who has already donated items to Shepherd’s Table or to our Go Fund Me to support locally-owned restaurants in making meals for our food-insecure neighbors. We sent a bunch of donations to each of these agencies earlier this month and the agencies have been so very appreciative for all of your efforts.

That being said, we are in this for the long haul and our agencies will need our support as we get through this pandemic.

Our next project is the Neighborhood Ambassadors Project!

We will start with Shepherd’s Table and ask different neighborhoods to take a different day of the week to collect items and deliver them from your neighborhood to Shepherd’s Table. There are two roles we are looking to fill for each neighborhood.


  • Partner with driver to determine best day and time to pick up donations from your neighborhood
  • Announce the donation pick up day and time on your neighborhood listserv and any social media platforms
  • Ensure your neighbors know which items can be donated and which should not be donated
  • Each week, keep track of which homes in your neighborhood will have items to donate and share this list with the driver.


  • Partner with coordinator to determine best day and time to pick up donations from your neighborhood
  • Obtain list of homes with items to donate each week from Coordinator
  • Pick up items and deliver them to Shepherd’s Table

Multiple neighborhoods can deliver items to Shepherd’s Table on the same day and your neighborhood could commit to donating on a weekly or every other week basis. This will be determined by the coordinator and driver for each neighborhood. 


Items requested by Shepherd’s Table:

Cookies (wrapped in packs of two or 3 cookies)Napkins
Brownies (individually wrapped)Disposable silverware
Other baked goods (wrapped as serving sizes) or in unopened boxesPlastic cups
Peanut butter and jelly sandwichesPaper cups
Turkey and cheese sandwiches (no condiments)
Casseroles and quiches (baked and frozen)

Opportunity #4: Donate to support El Golfo, Denizen, LocaVino, Middle Eastern Cuisine, Cielo Rojo and Mama Lucia’s ability to provide meals to our food-insecure neighbors.

Visit our GoFundMe page HERE.

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Heather@SilverSpringCares.org.