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Community Bridges empowers girls from diverse backgrounds to become exceptional students, positive leaders, and healthy young women. We do so by addressing the developmental needs of immigrant and minority girls and their families living at or below the federal poverty level in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Our integrated 4th through 12th grade after- and out-of-school Girls Program supports the growth of our young women by helping them understand their potential and life choices, learn creative strategies to become leaders, and break their family’s cycle of poverty using education as a vehicle. We further extend the impact for CB girls by wrapping their own efforts with mentoring and programs to provide resources and support for their families. The CB Girls program is unique: many programs for girls provide specific services to girls such as positive youth development, health and nutrition, and intervention services at a limited grade spectrum. Those models either focus on elementary, or 8-12th grades. Community Bridges has throughout our 19 years provided an integrated, holistic program for girls from elementary grades through high school. Our approach focuses on the whole girl versus pieces of the girl. For this reason, we are consistently invited to expand programs within and outside the county.

We connect CB Girls to their schools, family, and community through an array of activities. We build those connections – our bridges – with programming for girls and their families that includes after-school, out-of-school community activism, educational learning trips, opportunity learning trips, mentoring, and college and career coaching. Our activities encourage the development of the entire girl, so that she will have a greater chance to reach her fullest potential.