Silver Spring Cares September Kids Page

Do you all remember that Staples commercial from about a decade ago where the mom is running through the aisles throwing school supplies as “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” blasts in the background? And alas, the time is upon us.  Local schools are all heading back next week and our summer of adventure is coming to a close. Let’s find some ways to give back as we start the back to school season!

School Supply Donation

Some kids aren’t as lucky to be able to afford that glorious back to school supply list. Sometimes also schools have to make up for the fact that not all families will have been able to buy all the items.  Why not fill the gap and help them out so all the kids can have fresh new crayons!

  1. Pick a school or a charity that accepts school supply donations. There are likely plenty in the area.  
  2. Create a list of suggested items.  Crayons, pencils, paper, notebooks, pens, erasers, etc. just to name a few.  
  3. Make some flyers and post them around the neighborhood, put your donation requests on list-serves and spread the word to family and friends.  Put a place where people can donate their goods – maybe a BIG box on your porch? Or somewhere in a local shopping center.
  4. Watch the donations roll in! Take pictures and post them where you advertised as you thank everyone for donating.
  5. Drop off all your school supplies to the charity/organization/school that you picked!
Bake Sale!

It sounds pretty “BAKE-sic” but a bake sale ALWAYS makes money and what better way to mourn the end of summer than with a nice chocolate chip cookie! Bake sales can take many forms so have fun with it!

  1. Pick a charity you want to support – plan to donate some or all of your bake-sale earnings!
  2. Make some flyers and post them around the neighborhood, put your sale son list-serves and spread the word to family and friends.
  3. On the emails and flyers put suggestions on items to bake – don’t forget nut allergies and gluten free restrictions!
  4. Pick a central location – maybe a local shopping center or an area is your neighborhood that is accessible by many!
  5. Make it donation only – pro tip: you will make more if you don’t price the items.  People love giving to a good cause!
  6. SELL THE BAKED ITEMS (and maybe even bake some yourself!)
  7. Count up your money and donate some of it to the charity of your choosing!
Host of Organize a Babysitting Party

One awesome way to make money is babysitting! So – grab a group of friends and do it together! Pool money and donate some or all to a cause. Parents love the group aspect of this: more babysitter and more kids to play with!

  1. Gather a group of trusted friends who like to kids and babysitting.
  2. Pick a charity you want to donate to.
  3. Charge a flat rate per kid (but also advertise that this is for charity so people can give more if they like – hint hint). Be sure to set a time frame so parents know when to drop off and pick up.
  4. Advertise to family and friends and in your neighborhood or school.
  5. You might want to pick some fun crafts or activities so that parents know what to expect and the kids have some structure.  
  6. Hold the event! Enjoy playing with the kiddos while the parents get a little break.
ID Tags for Back to School

Use your crafty skills to make fun and creative ID tags for kids backpacks and lunchboxes! They can be totally customizable and colorful! After you get supplies, get started with this fun craft!

  1. Pick the local community organization you want to help. Make signs about your event as well! Try to include a picture of a sample ID tag!
  2. Advertise on flyers and list-serves and social media. Pick a price for each ID tag (maybe $5?) and have people come and customize their tags with their name, favorite color, etc.
  3. Shop for materials at a local craft store (a few luggage type tags, washi tape, lettering, stickers, glue and glitter, etc.)
  4. Set up a table and get crafty!
  5. If you want you can have some generic ones ready for people to buy right off the table, it will help with the backlog in case lot of people are interested.  
  6. Collect money and donate what’s left after the materials cost!

Need some INSPIRATION? What sort of fun un-official holidays are coming up to get your creative juices flowing? Here’s a small list of the coming months!

September is: Hispanic Heritage Month and Classical Music Month

2nd – International Bacon Day

6th – Read a Book Day

16th – Working Parents Day

20th – National Pepperoni Pizza Day

23rd – Checkers Day

28th – Good Neighbor Day



Send us your pictures and let us know how you served our community this month. We love hearing from you! For more ideas, suggestions or to share your experience, email

Lauren Lee is a Silver Spring resident and mom to three amazing little people. She recently stepped down as President of Northwest Branch Pool where she bravely served for six years. Even as a Silver Spring native, Lauren is always impressed by the amazing people she meets doing amazing things here in our community and loves to write about it for Silver Spring Cares.