Silver Spring Cares March/April Kids Page

You may not realize it but it is OFFICIALLY spring. It’s hard to swallow that pill after our first REAL snow day and temps below freezing. Maryland weather is so unpredictable! The best way to welcome spring is to get outside and engage in community and giving. There are also many spring holidays that give a perfect cover for fun charitable activities you can plan. Did you also know that April is NATIONAL VOLUNTEER MONTH? Let’s get hopping! (See what I did there?)

Easter Egg Decorating

Whether or not you celebrate Easter – everyone loves a good looking Easter Egg!!!! Have a contest for local kids (and adults) to show off their skills!

  1. Pick a date and an organization you want to help!
  2. Advertise your event: list-serves, flyers, school, church!
  3. Purchase a BUNCH of eggs – hard boil them right before the contest
  4. Sell hard boiled eggs to all entrants – consider how much you might spend at the craft store
  5. Go to a craft store to get decorating supplies (everything from glue, egg dye, stickers and glitter!) – and also pick up some fun inexpensive prizes!
  6. Create different categories for entrants to win: dye, painted, marbled, etc.
  7. HOLD YOUR EVENT and award prizes!
  8. Donate earnings to chosen organization.


Community Seder

Around the same time as Easter – Jewish people all over the world celebrate Passover. If you aren’t Jewish and have no idea what Passover is – take a few minutes to watch this short video HERE. A major part of celebrating Passover is a SEDER. If you are Jewish you’ve probably at least heard about it. Plan one at a local community center to celebrate this holiday with friends, family, Jews and gentiles alike. Going to a friends Seder as a child is a something I’ll never forget.

  1. Consider charging an participation fee – perhaps $5-10 to cover some food expenses and to create a donation pot for giving.
  2. Pick an organization to donate proceeds to.
  3. Plan the Seder – who will bring what? Food is an important part of a Seder – this communal meal.
  4. Create sort of an agenda – this will be especially helpful for those participants that have no clue what’s going on. Explain rituals, readings, what each food represents, history, etc.
  5. Invite EVERYONE – well not EVERYONE, but don’t discriminate! Building community and awareness is such an important part of life. Having a mix of people will make the Seder more fun and inclusive.
  6. Hold the Seder at a central communal location.
  7. Have fun! Take pictures! Maybe even write a recap of the event or ask a newbie to recount their experience.
  8. Donate proceeds to picked charity!

For more tips and tricks about seders – take a look at this website, it’s helpful and clear.

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is on April 22nd every year.  Why not find a way to give back to the community AND help out Mother Earth? There are so many ways!

  1. Pick the local community organization you want to help. It would be cool if it was an environment-related one considering it’s Earth Day and all.
  2. Brainstorm direct ways you could help: stream or park clean up or a recycling drive are just some ways. Use your noggin!
  3. Advertise your event on list-serves (especially if it’s in an area that affects neighbors), flyers and even at school.
  4. Gather supplies for the event (for example: you might want trash bags and gloves for any kind of clean up).
  5. Have the event!
  6. You can either not collect money for this event and just have the activity be the community building or you can put our a collection jar to donate later to the organization you chose to help.

BONUS: You could also set up fun craft tables for younger children to do Earth/environment-type art to keep them engaged. There are so many ideas HERE and elsewhere on Pinterest.

Do you want more guidance on Earth Day? Check out the Earth Day website for more information and resources to get started.

Spring Planting/Garden Help

Do you LOVE being outside and digging in the dirt?! Why not put your hands toward a good cause? Organize some friends to help people spruce up their gardens or plant new flowers! First pick a worth cause for some or all of your earnings helping beautify yards.

  1. In your neighborhood and locally, advertise your services – don’t forget to mention what organization you will be donating to.
  2. Consider adding pretty flowers to any advertising so that people can see the beauty you’re providing!
  3. Gather a group a friends to help! You could even knock on doors.
  4. Plant! Dig! Weed!
  5. Collect earnings, take pictures and donate to the organization. Encourage them to use your pictures to inspire others as well!


Need some INSPIRATION? What sort of fun un-official holidays are coming up to get your creative juices flowing? Here’s a small list of the coming months!

March is: Women’s History Month, National Nutrition Month

March 25th- Waffle Day

March 30th – Talk a Walk in the Park Day

April is: National Volunteer Month, Autism Awareness, Black Women’s History Month

April 1st – Fun at Work Day (also April Fools!)

April 10th – Siblings Day

April 6th – Walk to Work Day

April 17th – Haiku Poetry Day
Send us your pictures and let us know how you served our community this month. We love hearing from you!
For more ideas, suggestions or to share your experience, email