January/February Kids Volunteer Page

By Lauren Lee, Mom and Non-Profit Explorer

Let’s volunteer like it’s 2018! Well – phew, it IS! There is so much that comes with a new year: resolutions, reflection, and encouraging a giving spirit. Let think about creating opportunities for giving around this time of year – filled with love.

Candy Grams

February is the month of LOVE! Pass it on! Candy Grams are so fun! The best way would to advocate for this at your school! What is a candy gram? It’s a love/like message to friends/family/crushes in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. How to get started? First, pick a place where you want to donate part of the proceeds! This is important!

  1. Create a template for a candy gram – to/from and a message area. Pinterest has some cute ideas.
  2. Set a cost – often they come with a lollipop or other small candy– these can be purchased at a low cost in bulk. ($3-$5 seems like a decent guess)
  3. Advertise how you can purchase one for a friend – maybe have a notice go out at school to everyone! Have a table set up at lunch or after school!
  4. Have people fill out their messages and purchase the candy grams!
  5. On Valentine’s Day (or a date of your choosing) hand them out to all recipients
  6. After covering costs – donate to your organization
  7. Be sure to advertise that you are donating to an organization in addition to handing out sweet messages!

Coins NOT Cans – help a FOOD BANK or Shelter!

I’m sure you’ve seen so many can food drives: in schools, in grocery stores, in the workplace. After reading THIS AMAZING ARTICLE, it’s time to put our energy in other ways to help places that provide food. So, instead of asking for cans – ASK FOR COINS! The article mentions how much more inexpensive it is for organizers to buy goods instead of the general public. Consider setting up a place where people can donate not a lot of money but that goes to help a lot of people.

  1. Advertise and even explain the cause and identify a shelter/food bank that needs donations.
  2. Set up a table or location to donate – maybe near your church or school or a central place in your neighborhood.
  3. Make a sign that describes how many cans the money can buy. Or how little it costs to make a difference.
  4. Make a can/container for people to donate spare change or loose bills.
  5. Collect money from people that want to help!
  6. You COULD collect cans, if people really don’t have extra change if need be.

Super Bowl Subs

Do you love football and love eating while watching the game? Don’t you think more people wished they didn’t have to think about what they were eating or making on the big game day? Help them out for charity!

  1. Choose an organization you want to support during these winter months.
  2. Pick and create a form to fill out for those that want to order a sub. Include choices for ingredients/proteins/toppings/bread, etc.
  3. Advertise your sub delivery! Listserves, churches, and sports teams are a good place to start.
  4. Set a price per sub. Have a grown-up help determine how much food items will cost so that there is extra to donate!
  5. Have a deadline for the orders – the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday would work!
  6. Make the subs – have an assembly line – have fun, play music as you make the subs
  7. Package and organize and deliver subs to all those that ordered!
  8. Collect payment and donate to your organization!


Featured Way to Donate: Casseroles for a Cause!

Did you know that one easy way to support local organizations and families is by preparing casseroles? Volunteering to make a casserole or two helps to keep the freezers full for many of our most vulnerable neighbors. Your effort saves organizations and volunteers time, money and helps to eliminate any immediate food insecurity issues they may be experiencing. And you don’t even have to leave the house!

It’s easy and fun to participate in Casseroles for a Cause but space is limited!

On Sunday, February 4th, Silver Spring Cares is partnering with Shepherds TableInterfaith Works – Carroll House Men’s ShelterThe Arc Montgomery County, and Difference Makers to help fill freezers with delicious meals that will feed hundreds of folks in our community. We need your help to stay home and cook!

Click HERE to sign up!



Need some more INSPIRATION? What sort of fun un-official holidays are coming up to get your creative juices flowing? Here’s a small list of the coming months!

January is: National Hobby Month

January 21st – National Hugging Day

January 24th – Compliment Day

January 28th – National Fun at Work Day

January 31st – Inspire Heart with Art Day


February is: Black History Month

February 1st – National Freedom Day

February 4th – Super Bowl Sunday

February 7th – Send a Card to a Friend Day

February 17th – Random Acts of Kindness Day


Send us your pictures and let us know how you served our community this month. We love hearing from you!

For more ideas, suggestions or to share your experience, email Heather@SilverSpringCares.org.

Lauren Lee is a Silver Spring resident and mom to three amazing little people. She recently stepped down as President of Northwest Branch Pool where she bravely served for six years. Even as a Silver Spring native, Lauren is always impressed by the amazing people she meets doing amazing things here in our community and loves to write about it for Silver Spring Cares.