December/January Kids Volunteer Page

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This holiday season is upon us – in fact it’s almost fully here! I know it’s exciting to think what Santa might bring or the time you’ll be spending with your family and friends over break.  How can we give back this season? Here are some ways even after the holidays that we can continually think of others in need.

Xmas Tree Removal/Lights Removal

While everyone loves trimming the tree – it’s not nearly as fun to take all the ornaments off and move on with the year.  Help elderly neighbors carry their tree down to the curb or help remove lights from trees and bushes outside. This can be a huge help to many who can’t easily manage.  

  1. Gather some friends who are eager to help with tree and light removal
  2. Make signs with info on how to get in touch – posting on a Listserve is also helpful
  3. Grab some gloves (dead trees are prickly!)
  4. Get to work removing trees to curb!

*it might help to note the day of your next trash/refuse/yard waste pick up so that the trees aren’t sitting out for days

Gifts In —> Stuff Out

Getting new toys and clothes and gifts is certainly a highlight of this time of year for so many kids and families.  Use this time (or your winter break) to go through your older items to see if you can get rid of any. There are some amazing local organizations that would love to accept donations. Check out a few below that are doing great work in our community!

  1. Take a nice sturdy cardboard box – perhaps one that some of your new fun gifts came in!
  2. Go through closets, play areas, and set items in the box that you are ready to part with.
  3. It also might be prudent to double check with your parents/guardians that the items are OK to give away (who knows – they might have some sentimental value).
  4. Find a place to donate them!
  • Friends of the Library – Have old books? Drop them off here! It’s a fantastic super store of used books of all sorts!
  • Urban Thrift Store – See a list of items the love to get here!
  • A Wider Circle – helping families living in poverty in our community – they are always in need of items!

Small Things Matter

This organization is all about kindness. It encourages everyone to make or do something kind to help someone. Past projects include making cards and “stuffies”. If there’s ever a kid-friendly organization, Small Things Matter raises the bar! There are so many ways to be kind.

Does this sound fun?! Why not have a party with friends to support this great organization!

Read HERE on their website about charity parties and how to plan one!

New Years Resolutions

Are you ready to make a difference in 2018? Well start with some resolutions! Not the kind that you give up on after a few weeks – but some real change-making resolutions. Try and focus on community and giving back – there is so much opportunity!  

Here are some questions to think about for the new year and fresh start:

  1. What issues do I see as problems in the community?
  2. What are some things that I can do do help?
  3. What types of activities get me excited to help?
  4. What are some special skills I have that might be useful in this community?
  5. How can I get others to work with me?
  6. What are some places/organizations that can use my help?
  7. What other resources do I need to become more involved in the community?

Need some INSPIRATION? What sort of fun un-official holidays are coming up to get your creative juices flowing? Here’s a small list of the coming months!

December is: Write a Business Plan Month, AIDS Awareness Month & Universal Human Rights Month

December 26th – Thank you Note Day

December 31st – Make up Your Mind Day

January is: National Blood Donor Month

January 4th – National Spaghetti Day

January 8th – Bubble Bath Day

January 13th – National Sticker Day

January 21st – MLK Jr. Day


Send us your pictures and let us know how you served our community this month. We love hearing from you!

For more ideas, suggestions or to share your experience, email