April Kids Volunteer Page

By Lauren Lee, Mom and Non-Profit Explorer

You may not realize it but it is OFFICIALLY spring. It’s hard to swallow that pill after our first REAL snow day and temps below freezing. Maryland weather is so unpredictable! The best way to welcome spring is to get outside and engage in community and giving. There are also many spring holidays that give a perfect cover for fun charitable activities you can plan. Did you also know that April is NATIONAL VOLUNTEER MONTH? Let’s get hopping! (See what I did there?)

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is on April 22nd every year.  Why not find a way to give back to the community AND help out Mother Earth? There are so many ways!

  1. Pick the local community organization you want to help. It would be cool if it was an environment-related one considering it’s Earth Day and all.
  2. Brainstorm direct ways you could help: stream or park clean up or a recycling drive are just some ways. Use your noggin!
  3. Advertise your event on list-serves (especially if it’s in an area that affects neighbors), flyers and even at school.
  4. Gather supplies for the event (for example: you might want trash bags and gloves for any kind of clean up).
  5. Have the event!
  6. You can either not collect money for this event and just have the activity be the community building or you can put our a collection jar to donate later to the organization you chose to help.

BONUS: You could also set up fun craft tables for younger children to do Earth/environment-type art to keep them engaged. There are so many ideas HERE and elsewhere on Pinterest.

Do you want more guidance on Earth Day? Check out the Earth Day website for more information and resources to get started.

Seed Selling/Planting

Even though it’s still technically wintertime, March is the time to start thinking about planting vegetables.  Do you have eager gardeners in your neighborhood? One of the greatest things about seeds is that whether you have an apartment with inside plants or a large yard, you can still plant seeds and grow something beautiful and maybe even delicious!

  1. Read up on what are some plants/vegetables that get planted in the late winter/early spring.  (Examples: lettuces, beets, carrots, onions, etc.)
  2. Advertise your seed sale with pictures, drawings and information about your sale – listserves, flyers and word of mouth are all great.
  3. Buy seed packets/wholesale from a seed catalog or a gardening supply store/company.
  4. When the seeds come in after ordering/collecting orders, deliver them and collect payment. You will want to price them a bit higher than what you paid to make a profit.
  5. Donate some or all of your earnings to a favorite local organization!

Grow Food for Others

Love gardening or want to learn how? Join a bunch of other amazing families looking to share their garden bounties with the folks at Shepherds Table.  Organized through a closed Facebook group, members share garden progress, success and fails with each other for inspiration and support. Kids events, garden meetups and setting up a stand at the farmers market in Downtown Silver Spring during the summer is all part of the fun! Request to join HERE!


April is: National Volunteer Month, Autism Awareness, Black Women’s History Month

April 1st – Fun at Work Day (also April Fools!)

April 6th – Walk to Work Day

April 10th – Siblings Day

April 17th – Haiku Poetry Day

Send us your pictures and let us know how you served our community this month. We love hearing from you!

For more ideas, suggestions or to share your experience, email Heather@SilverSpringCares.org.

Lauren Lee is a Silver Spring resident and mom to three amazing little people. She recently stepped down as President of Northwest Branch Pool where she bravely served for six years. Even as a Silver Spring native, Lauren is always impressed by the amazing people she meets doing amazing things here in our community and loves to write about it for Silver Spring Cares.